Covid-19: How to apply for Wage Subsidies and Leave Payments

  Following on from our Covid-19 Update, we have created a short video to walk you through the process of applying for wage subsidies and leave payments. Please pay particular attention to the criteria for the wage subsidies and leave payments. Application for Wage Subsidies and Leave Payments Tutorial  NB: This link is best opened using Google Chrome. If you require any assistance with your application, please do not hesitate to contact…  Read more

Covid-19 Update

We know you are being inundated with correspondence regarding the Covid-19 virus, so we hope we are able to support you with constructive support and suggestions at this time. Things to consider doing at this point The key to going forward is to have a plan. And know that this plan needs to be fluid. Make a list of your concerns – write these down.  Then put some priority around…  Read more

How to use video for communications

Since the first internal corporate note was sent—probably reminding employees about casual Friday—companies and organizations have relied on written communications to keep employees up-to-date on company policies, procedures and changes happening within.  These days, though, more companies are switching to videos to relay information to their staff. In a lot of ways, video is more effective than written communications.  It grabs peoples’ attention, conveys important information quickly and is usually…  Read more

How to ask the right sales questions

Sales is about addressing your customers’ needs and problems.  By understanding the issues clients face, you can show them how your solution solves their problem. Here are some tips for asking the right sales questions to better understand and help your customers. 1. Don’t jump into sales questions right away Sales isn’t just about making a sale, although that’s certainly part of it.  Sales is about building relationships.  That’s how…  Read more

Cybersecurity tips for business owners

It’s natural for small business owners to think that they won’t be victims of cyber attacks.  Most of the news surrounding hacking and data breaches involves large corporations, but that is because that’s where a high number of victims are affected. Hackers may find they have an easier time going after small businesses and start-ups that aren’t prepared for a security breach.  So while they might get less information from…  Read more

New kilometre rate for claiming motor vehicle expenses

Are you using your car for business purposes?  It’s timely to outline the process for claiming tax on your work vehicle expenses. If you’re using a vehicle for business purposes, you can claim tax back on expenses. If you use the vehicle only for business, you can claim the full running costs.  If you use the vehicle for any personal travel, you’ll need to separate the running costs of your…  Read more

Your four-week checklist to keep tax time low-stress

Week 1: First things first Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper. They’ll tell you what you need to do before 31 March including what you can claim for and what you can’t.  Remember, tax time is busy for them too, so the more prepared you are, the smoother the process, and the better the result. File your return on time.  Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on unnecessary interest and penalties.  Get your…  Read more

Benefits of using technology

  These days, you can use technology to take care of almost any issue facing your business. If you have a task you don’t like to do, there’s an app or software program to take care of it for you.  It might take a few moments of your time to learn and understand how the software or app works, but doing so will save you valuable time and precious energy.…  Read more

The Number 1 Thing You Need to Know About Your Business

When you own a small business, it’s vital you understand how money flows into and out of it. At a basic level, you need to know where your income comes from and what your expenses are.  At a deeper level, knowing how money moves through your business can help you make strategic decisions about growth, invoicing, and debt management. The consequences of not understanding money can be drastic—poor financial management is…  Read more

10 inspirational podcasts for the busy business owner

Spend a bit of time commuting or travelling for work?  Podcasts are the new radio. Here are 10 free series that will educate and entertain whether you’re going long distance on a sales trip or stuck in city traffic.  Find them on the author’s website, Spotify or iTunes. TED Talks are super popular and there are thousands to choose from.  Top picks include Simon Sinek and Brene Brown. Lewis Howes School of Greatness: Downloaded over 4 million…  Read more

Four top time-saving tips

Not enough time in the day to get everything done? Try these tips to keep calm and increase productivity. Having a huge to-do list can lead to task paralysis Not everything is your #1 priority.  Put three things on your list to hone your focus, and do those first. Checking emails every 10-minutes? It’s a distracting time-waster.  Set aside two times during the day for your messages.  It takes discipline,…  Read more

Reminder: Rental losses ring-fenced from 2019/2020 tax year

The new law on ring-fencing rental losses is now in force, which means: In most cases ring-fenced deductions will be carried forward and can only be used against residential rental or sale of property income in future years. Property investors will, in most cases, no longer be able to reduce their tax liability by offsetting residential rental property deductions against their other income, such as salary or wages, or business income.…  Read more

Protect yourself with patents and trade marks

If you’ve got a new invention, are launching a brand or marketing a new stream of business, it’s important to consider whether you need a patent or trade mark. Both take at least six months to process in New Zealand, so the sooner you do your homework, the better. A patent is granted for an invention. It can be a new product or process, the material it is made from,…  Read more

Pay your taxes by cheque?

Five new ways to do it. If you normally write a cheque to pay for your taxes, it’s time to decide how you will pay in the future. As of 1 March 2020, Inland Revenue will no longer be accepting cheques. By the end of the last financial year (June 2019), only around 5% of payments received by Inland Revenue were by cheque, so they made the call to phase…  Read more

R&D – is it for me?

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Introduce new revenue streams? Dig deeper into the science or technology behind what you do? Innovation can be a hard road but with the right people and financial backing, it can be a game-changer.  Right now, there are tax credits, funding programmes and other resources available that are specifically designed for Kiwi businesses aiming to increase their R&D activity…  Read more

Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?

  When you run a small business you likely want to spend as much time as possible on the tasks that make money for your business.  Unfortunately, there are many day-to-day chores that require your time but aren’t necessarily worth your energy. Faced with those errands, many small business owners either spend their valuable time and energy on chores they hate or put them off until the last minute. That’s…  Read more

How to Survive the Emotional and Financial Devastation of a Job Loss

  The loss of a job is one of the most devastating things a person can go through.  The results of a job loss can be long lasting and the implications go far beyond the financial.  While losing your job will most likely put your financial life at risk, the emotional consequences can be just as damaging. When you consider that most of us spend more time at our jobs…  Read more

Three innovative tips for finding employees

We all know the usual process for finding new employees. Advertise a job Read resumes Conduct a telephone interview Conduct a face-to-face interview Choose someone The steps to recruiting new talent have been the same for decades, leaving many people to think these are the only way to find new employees. There are many top-notch employees that you might not be reaching if you don’t change your strategy, however and…  Read more

New Trusts Act 2019: What you need to do

If you’re protecting your family property in a trust, there may be changes you need to make before the new Trusts Act comes into force in January 2021. The changes to the Trusts Act (the first in more than 60 years!) aim to make trust law more efficient and accessible, lower admin costs, simplify core trust principles and essential obligations for trustees, and make it easier to resolve disputes. While…  Read more

Planning the year ahead

  The turn of the year usually prompts most people to think about some business planning for the year ahead.  Here are some tips to make the planning more productive. Get your team involved Business planning works best when it’s a team effort. Involve your key staff and your advisors, such as your accountant, your mentor (if you have one), and others who can contribute meaningfully to the planning, such…  Read more

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