How Small Businesses are Boosting Sales During COVID-19

We started 2020 with optimism and hope that this year was going to be better than the last– but then, COVID-19 happened and brought sudden massive changes worldwide. It has disrupted the way we interact, shop, work, and transact.  Businesses of all sizes have been plunged into darkness, with some even having to shut completely  Meanwhile, others managed to find dynamic solutions to shelter their businesses from the harsh impacts…  Read more

COVID-19 Business Update – 21 August 2020

Hello again – welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Digest.  Read on for this week’s update. COVID-19 Outbreak After 102 days without community transmission, we’ve all been a little shaken by the return of the coronavirus.  According to health officials, COVID-19 may have been circulating in Auckland for weeks, as 13 new community cases were confirmed.  All these are linked to the initial four cases announced last week.…  Read more

Covid-19: How to apply for Wage Subsidies and Leave Payments

  Following on from our Covid-19 Update, we have created a short video to walk you through the process of applying for wage subsidies and leave payments. Please pay particular attention to the criteria for the wage subsidies and leave payments. Application for Wage Subsidies and Leave Payments Tutorial  NB: This link is best opened using Google Chrome. If you require any assistance with your application, please do not hesitate to contact…  Read more

How to use video for communications

Since the first internal corporate note was sent—probably reminding employees about casual Friday—companies and organizations have relied on written communications to keep employees up-to-date on company policies, procedures and changes happening within.  These days, though, more companies are switching to videos to relay information to their staff. In a lot of ways, video is more effective than written communications.  It grabs peoples’ attention, conveys important information quickly and is usually…  Read more

Cybersecurity tips for business owners

It’s natural for small business owners to think that they won’t be victims of cyber attacks.  Most of the news surrounding hacking and data breaches involves large corporations, but that is because that’s where a high number of victims are affected. Hackers may find they have an easier time going after small businesses and start-ups that aren’t prepared for a security breach.  So while they might get less information from…  Read more

Benefits of using technology

  These days, you can use technology to take care of almost any issue facing your business. If you have a task you don’t like to do, there’s an app or software program to take care of it for you.  It might take a few moments of your time to learn and understand how the software or app works, but doing so will save you valuable time and precious energy.…  Read more

R&D – is it for me?

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Introduce new revenue streams? Dig deeper into the science or technology behind what you do? Innovation can be a hard road but with the right people and financial backing, it can be a game-changer.  Right now, there are tax credits, funding programmes and other resources available that are specifically designed for Kiwi businesses aiming to increase their R&D activity…  Read more

Avoid These 5 Costly Accounting Mistakes

  A Canadian bank recently surveyed over 500 small business owners about what they love and hate most about owning their own business. Unsurprisingly, flexibility and feeling in control ranked first in the “love” category.  Meanwhile, almost 60% said bookkeeping was hands-down their most hated task. Most business owners understand that effective financial management is key to their success.  But lack of knowledge, frustration, and even avoidance can add up…  Read more

Technology toolbox for trades

When you run your own trade business, your life involves a lot of long days being on job sites while managing projects, staff and clients.  There probably are not enough hours in the week for you to deal with all the issues that arise while keeping your customers happy, and taking time out of your schedule to manage your business is probably the last thing you want to do. Thanks…  Read more

You should be using two factor authentication

  For small business owners, the risk of data breaches and fraud is high, so taking all the necessary steps to protect your sensitive data is a must. Unfortunately for many entrepreneurs the decision to increase their company’s data protection comes too late – after they’ve been victimized by a malicious hacker. The good news is, simple and inexpensive steps can be taken to avoid being hacked.  According to a…  Read more

Email: The productivity killer

Remember when email was new and novel, and everyone thought it would vastly improve communication while freeing up time?  It did improve communication on some levels and freed up employee time at first.  Now, however, email has become a productivity killer. Workers have to wade through hundreds of emails in their inbox each day, and many people choose to deal with email as it comes in rather than all at…  Read more

Facebook: Why your business needs it (and how to use it!)

  Are your ideal customers adults?  Then your business needs to be on Facebook because that’s where their eyeballs are. Time-poor or don’t have a clue where to start?  Get some answers with these six most frequently asked questions. 85% of Kiwi adults are on Facebook and using it for at least 30-minutes every day 1. Why should my business be on Facebook? Facebook is the most cost effective way…  Read more

Alternatives to Skype for online meetings

Looking into affordable video chat and voice calling options for your small business? These four popular, user-friendly alternatives to Skype will help you connect seamlessly with staff, colleagues, and customers. Read on for a breakdown of each app’s features to decide on the best fit for you. WhatsApp With more than 1 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is currently the most popular multi-media messaging app for mobile in existence – and…  Read more

Payroll Pain Relievers

With New Zealand ranking as one of the most complex payroll environments in the world, it’s no wonder many Kiwi employers choose to offload payroll headaches to bookkeepers, accountants, or payroll intermediaries. This trend is picking up steam: with Inland Revenue’s “Payday Filing” scheme kicking off 1 April 2019, instead of reporting PAYE to Inland Revenue on the 20th of the following month, you’ll need to report every payday (though…  Read more

Protect Yourself and Your Data – Proactive Steps for Living Safely in the Digital Age

These days your personal data is everywhere, and that information is valuable to marketers, hackers and everyone in between.  If you want to prevent the unauthorized use of your personal information, you need to take a proactive approach to protecting yourself and your identity. You can no longer afford to be blasé about your data security – if you are not taking proactive measures to prevent the use of your…  Read more

How cyber-secure are you?

Blackmail, extortion and identity theft might sound like something straight out of a blockbuster movie but cyber crime is not only a reality, it’s on the rise and research shows the average Kiwi business isn’t prepared. Is New Zealand really under threat, we’re so far away! Unfortunately ‘out of sight, out of mind’ doesn’t apply to cyber criminals.  More than a quarter of Kiwi businesses surveyed by Grant Thornton in…  Read more

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