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Delight Your Customers

customer serviceHow you prioritise delighting your customers can make all the difference to your brand.

Free your imagination on how this might look for your market.

As a window into how the other half lives, the Ritz Carlton’s policy allows an employee to spend up to $2000 a day to meet a need, resolve a concern or ensure an outstanding experience for any single guest without requiring funding approval.

Stories abound. A laundry manager, unable to get the stain from a dress, flew from Puerto Rico to New York to return the dress in person.

In Dubai a waiter overheard a man with his wheelchair-bound wife, lamenting that he couldn’t take her down to the beach.

The waiter and maintenance got together. The next day a wooden walkway led down to a tent where dinner was set up for them on the beach. You may not have the margins (or the luxe market) to deliver this kind of customer service. But think about what you can do to make your service exceptional.

  • Start with the basics, such as making sure everyone answers the phone with a smile
  • Offer visitors a juice or a coffee
  • Be attentive to customers and listen to what they’re really saying
  • Respond quickly to enquiries
  • Make sure excellent service is a priority for everyone on the team

Think about your industry and what might set your business ahead of the pack for service.

What are the things that could build your reputation for outstanding service?

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