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New Zealand a digital standout, but is your business?

New Zealand is a “standout nation” according to the latest Digital Evolution Index, released by Tufts University in Boston in July.

The report, by the university’s The Fletcher School, identifies New Zealand as among the digital elites, having high levels of digital development and a fast rate of digital evolution.

Has your business contributed to this result?

One way to be up there is to use digital technology to strengthen company culture.

Social media creates experiences.

But more than that, it can help change and support culture in a business by:

  • Allowing information to flow in many directions rather than just from the top down
  • Supporting learning through knowledge networks
  • Making it easier to promote the brand within the business
  • Enabling real-time feedback to management
  • Helping companies cope with change.

Social media apps that may help your teams network and perform better include TeamedWith, Slack, Culture Amp and Betterup.