What to consider when closing up over summer

At Christmas time, most of us are celebrating and seeing our loved ones, yet some opportunist thieves see it as the perfect time to strike, taking advantage of empty businesses.

2022 has seen a spate of ram-raids, theft, and vandalism targeting New Zealand businesses.  With companies closing over Christmas, there are plenty of security issues to consider:

  • Before you close, ensure all doors and windows are locked, shutters are down, and consider investing in a security alarm system (it could make all the difference).
  • Use lighting to your advantage.  As thieves like to commit crimes under cover of darkness, sensor lighting can deter them at the door.  Keep lights on timers to give the appearance of an occupied space.  It could make criminals think twice.
  • If you keep valuable equipment on site, paying for a professional security service could be a worthwhile investment.