The power of practicing acceptance

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In a world of unpredictability and stress, our instinct brings cravings to survive, compete, and strive.  But acceptance, not a comparison, is what will get us through.

“There are ways to find ease in acceptance without negative inner feelings, it just takes practice,” says Nichola Stuart, Founder of the Empowerment Foundation.  “Instead of sitting in the ‘uncomfortable chair’, find ways to shift your mindset and develop a sense of empowerment in your new normal.”

1.  Be your own cheerleader

When you’re under the pump, it’s difficult to find time to celebrate your business wins but it’s really important for your mindset that you do.  Even if it’s just a moment with your eyes shut to see the value of a recent win.

2.  Post-it forward

What is it about your staff that allows each of them to thrive at work?  Are they patient, calm, creative?

Grab Post-it notes, write down their ‘superpower’, and put it on their desk for morning motivation.

3.  Take micro-breaks

Clear the cobwebs by looking to nature (stare at the clouds, walk around the block, watch wildlife photos, water the garden) and movement (stretch, jog on the spot, walk around the block, shrug your shoulders 10 times, choose a song and dance at your desk).

4.  Choose to say ‘NO’

Write down the one thing you are NOT going to do today then tear it up at 5pm to celebrate.  The ‘no’ can have such a positive influence on your mindset and productivity.