Onboarding: how to do it right in 2022

StaffKeeping staff can be just as tricky as finding them.

So, how do you ensure newcomers feel informed and welcomed from the get-go?

Create a memorable welcome pack as part of your onboarding experience.  This could include:

  • Welcome letter.  This is your chance to communicate your culture, what employees like about working for you, and what the company’s goals are.
  • All the paperwork.  Include a list of team members (roles and responsibilities), health and safety requirements, equipment, systems, etc.
  • Employee handbook.  Give them an overview of your dress code, work hours, vehicle allocation, health and safety procedures, etc.
  • Ongoing training.  Staff will be more likely to stay if they can see you’re investing in their career development.  Showcase the professional development and training opportunities available.
  • Mentorship.  Matching new employees with an established member of staff helps create an instant bond and gives them one point of contact for questions or concerns.
  • Personal Q&A.  It’s important to get to know your new staff member so ask them to fill out a brief questionnaire about themselves.  It could inspire their 2022 Christmas gift!
  • A personalised gift.  Put a spin on your welcome pack by including some company swag or a pot plant.
  • Onboarding survey.  How did their first day go?  Did they leave feeling confident in their new role?  A quick survey makes your new hire feel heard plus you’ll gain feedback on your onboarding process.