Further Business Consultancy Support


What the Government has said:

Minister for Small Business Hon Stuart Nash says some businesses are struggling to meet their non-wage fixed costs, like interest, rent and insurance, but are not currently in a position to take on additional debt.  In the absence of further support from the Government, these otherwise viable SMEs may be forced to close down permanently.

As well as tax measures which should provide some cashflow relief, the Government are going to provide tailored support services to help businesses weather the storm, at no charge to the business.

“Businesses will be able to access free, tailored specialist support for a range of issues they may be currently facing, including business continuity planning, finance and cash flow management, HR and staffing issues, and potentially any sector-specific issues.

The Regional Business Partner Network will scale up their existing advisory services so that more businesses can receive support over the next 12 months.

Existing helplines often used by business – those operated by the Employers and Manufacturers Association and the Canterbury Chamber of Employment and Commerce – will also be extended.

These increased services will help businesses understand the support available to them.”

We have applied to the Regional Business Partner Network to become registered to provide these advisory services.  Our approval is currently pending and expected very shortly.  If you wish to access these free specialist services, please get in touch with us.