Cash back on quad bikes

Kilyan Sockalingum Cxugrqapyi4 Unsplash

Each year, quad bikes are a major cause of death and serious injury in New Zealand – but installing crush protection devices could help lessen the impact.

Log in to MyACC for Business online to find out if you’re eligible for the $180 (+GST) crush protection device cash back. It applies to up to two Quadbar, Quadbar Flexi, and ATV Lifeguard crush protection devices, which start from $595 (+GST). They can be bought at Farm Source, Quadbar NZ, LifeGuard, and Trax Equipment.

West Coast farmer Colin van der Geest can vouch for the importance of roll bars following an incident where one of his workers was driving a quad bike and herding a cow out of a paddock and into a lane.

“It’s a flat site and at the end of the land there is a narrow 1.5m gap between a strainer post and a drain,” says Colin. “The crafty cow decided to go through there and our guy tried to cut her off with the bike. The cow made it through, but my man rolled the bike into the drain. He escaped with bumps and bruises, but if it had not been for the roll bar, the bike would have fallen on top of him in the drain.”