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GST time

Do you hate it when GST return time rolls around? If so, you’re in good company.

For many business owners, the pain isn’t so much having to hand money over to IRD, but having to prepare and file a return.

But that pain is easy to avoid. Here’s how:

  • If we complete your returns, of course everything will be done for you
  • If you still file your returns manually – register for a myIR account here
  • If you are GST registered and we don’t prepare your returns for you, you may need to check your bank account details. The easiest way to do this is via your myIR account.

The section inside your myIR account called “My GST” lets you:

  • Pay your GST when you file your return
  • Set up email or text reminders
  • Propose a GST instalment plan if you can’t pay in full by the due date
  • Ask for amendments to previously filed returns
  • Check statements, and breakdowns of transactions
  • Upload files with your GST return.

Don’t have GST drag you or your business down. If you struggle with any part of it, or are unsure about anything, contact us.