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Free online training on employer obligations and rights

employerEmployment New Zealand (as part of the Ministry of Business, Invovation and Employment (MBIE)) has created a free interactive website where you can learn about your responsibilities and rights as an employer or employee.

Employers can access free employment learning modules and learn essential information about:

Working arrangements

  • Different types of working arrangements and the importance of getting it right
  • How to identify the correct type of Working Arrangement for each of your employees responsibilities you have regarding trial periods
  • How to establish an employee’s right to work in New Zealand, and what is required of you as an employer

Annual leave/holidays: from calculations to payments

  • Key things to know about employees’ Annual Leave/Holiday entitlements and calculating holiday pay
  • When it can be appropriate for employees to be on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis for Annual Leave/Holidays
  • The importance of accurate Annual Leave/Holiday record keeping

Pay and Wages

  • Key minimum wage requirements
  • Main ways employees are paid
  • Lawful deductions you can make from your employees’ pay

Employment Agreements

  • How to identify employment documentation and its’ purpose
  • Mandatory requirements and components of an employment agreement
  • Identifying and applying your rights and responsibilities within employment agreements

Hours of Work

  • Changing employees’ hours of work
  • How to identify any hours of work terms that are negotiable in the employment agreement
  • Legal restrictions for employees under 16
  • Legal rights of employees’ with no guaranteed hours of work

Other Leave

  • Other leave entitlements
  • Key other leave terms
  • How important other leave record keeping is

Knowing your legal obligations will help you avoid misunderstandings with employees and any financial penalty that might result. You can also refer your staff to the employee modules so they can learn about their rights.

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