Business Health Check

business healthCheck your expenses and save

Know how much you’re spending on printing, advertising, and taking clients out to lunch?  Or does it come as a shock when you do your GST returns?

If your company is growing, your expenses may too, but in some cases it could be a lack of attention causing spending to creep up.

Take a few minutes this week to track your expenses and see where you can save money.

Our three top ‘money-saving’ tips:

  1. Ask yourself ‘Do I need to be spending that much, on that?’. Maybe it’s time to see what other suppliers are out there.
  2. Invest in accounting software like Xero, FreshBooks or QuickBooks to make life easier.
  3. Look out for the best deals on office expenses and buy in bulk at a cheaper price.

Get in touch with us to discuss more ways you can track your expenses and save!