Are you in charge of keeping the office or work-site safe?

work site

Locking the doors is one thing but you need to take extra steps to ensure your workplace is safe and secure before you head away this Christmas.  The last thing you want is for someone to access your work space and hurt themselves.

Take time to check every square inch of your work environment, inside and outside, so you can rest assured nothing will go wrong while you’re away.

Manage a construction site?

Here are nine questions to ask yourself before you head to the beach:

  1. Is your worksite fenced off from the public?
  2. Are the public protected from falling material?
  3. Is clear signage present to warn people of danger?
  4. Is the boundary secure?
  5. Have steps been taken to prevent any unauthorised access, e.g. are all ladders removed or their rungs boarded so they can’t be used?
  6. Are excavations and openings securely covered or fenced off?
  7. Is all plant immobilised to prevent unauthorised use?
  8. Are bricks and materials safely stacked?
  9. Are all flammable or dangerous substances locked away in secure storage places?